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Basketball Court Dimensions – FIBA 2012

fiba 2012 basketball court dimensions

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In a standard 600 sqm sports hall it’s normally only possible to fit one full size basketball court in. However it is possible to add a couple of practice courts running width ways.

FIBA changed the the way a basketball court was laid out in 2010 to bring it up to the standard of the NBA layout. The projection of the backboard remain the same from the baseline so there is no need to move the backboard or change the outer lines of the court. the two main changes that have occurred are that the keys have changed shape and the 3-point D has been moved further back to make it more difficult for the basketball players to score.

Line Width: 50mm

Line Colour: Black

FIBA 2012 Basketball Court Dimensions

Community Club Premier International
Minimum height over court (mm)
7000 7000 7000 7000
Length (min-preferred) (mm)
26000-28000 26000-28000 26000-28000 28000
Width (min-preferred) (mm)
14000-15000 14000-15000 14000-15000 15000
Baseline to wall – min (mm) 1050(1) 1050(1) 2050 2050
Sideline to wall – min (mm) 1050(1) 1050(1) 2050 2050
Extra one side for officials and team areas Optional 1000 1000 2000