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3 Steps On How To Clean A Sports Hall Floor

Cleaning your sports hall flooring is an essential factor in the maintenance of your floor. Cleaning your floor will not only make it look more appealing to the eye, but will also make it last longer in between scheduled floor sanding and refurbishment. the most important way to protect the floor is to sweep it with a scissor mop on a daily basis to remove any grit and dirt. The grit will act like sand paper on the lacquer and will rub away the wood flooring lacquer over time.

Here are some steps to keep you sports hall flooring clean:

1.  The first step to take is to hoover the floor to remove all dust and build up of hair. The cleaner the floor is hoovered will make the actual cleaning of the hall easier.

2.   Step 2 is to use a scrubber dryer machine to clean the sports hall floor. Using a scrubber dryer machine is a great way to clean a wooden sports hall as wood doesn’t like having too much water left over the surface, as it will begin to expand if the water is soaked up by the wood. A decent scrubber dryer will leave the floor almost dry after passing over the floor. The best cleaner to use is Granwax Swift (an alkaline based cleaner) to remove all traces of grease and remove all the dirty marks that are left on the floor and sports lines. Depending on how dirty the floor is, depends on how much Swift cleaner should be used. Sometimes it might be necessary to spray the Swift cleaner on neat to the floor and left to work for a couple of minutes in order to remove all black marks.

3.   Step 3 is to clean the sports floor again using Granwax Neutrasol (an acidic based cleaner) to neutralise the Swift. You should use the Neutrasol at the same dilution to what the Swift was used as to make sure to leave the floor at the correct PH. The floor should now be sparkling clean and ready for more use for playing sports again.

If this seems like too much work for you to carry out Peak Flooring have all the correct equipment and floor cleaning products to carry out sports floor cleaning. We regularly carry out this service in a number of sports halls and schools across the country and are highly qualified. Please visit our contact page if you are interested in a floor cleaning quote.

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